Transaero airlines has made a technical default on the bonds

Moscow. October 30. “Transaero”, is still regularly responsible for the performance of its obligations on its bonds for the first time allowed a technical default.

According to the data of the Moscow exchange, admitted a technical default under bonds series BO-03 with nominal volume of 3 billion rubles.

The company had to pay in the score 8-th coupon of bonds of the exchange bonds of this series. Interest rate on 8th coupon bond was 12% per annum. The size of the payment was to be 29,92 ruble per one bond face value 1 thousand roubles. Thus, the company has not paid 89 million 760 thousand rubles.

“Transaero” in October 2013 placed 3rd issue of exchange-traded bonds for 3 billion rubles. Five-year bonds have 20 quarterly coupons. Bet 1-8 of coupons is set at 12% per annum.

Date of repayment of the loan is 25 October 2018. Bet 9-11th coupon on October 23 set at 16% per annum. Nearest offer must be executed on 2 November.

The address also is the 2nd bond issue of $ 2.5 billion maturing on 20 December 2016. The bonds will offer a performance on December 24.

A source in the banking circles earlier said that bonds “Transaero” has a wide range of investors. “Different investors, many of them, and a lot of individuals,” he said.

The government has decided that the airline “Transaero” will be bankrupt after 1 October, the carrier has closed the sale of tickets.