The Lego will be built in Russia high-tech “palaces of pioneers”

Industrial parks will appear in at least six cities over the next year, said the Director of “Young professionals” Agencies of strategic initiatives Dmitry Peskov.

EKATERINBURG, 31 Oct. The Danish company Lego will be built in 2016 in six cities of Russia high-tech “palaces of pioneers”, said Saturday the Director of the direction “Young professionals” Agencies of strategic initiatives Dmitry Peskov.

“Technoparks will appear in at least six cities over the next year. The best companies of the highest level will put these parks in their technologies. Thus we create for our children a forward model of training. The level of technological development of these parks will be the number 1 in the world. In fact, this high-tech “palaces of pioneers”, — said Peskov in the second national championship of working professions WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2015.

According to him, the first children’s Lego parks will open in the town of Koltsovo of the Novosibirsk region, Nefteyugansk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous region), Naberezhnye Chelny, Zhukovsky near Moscow, and Barnaul. The agreement was signed on Saturday between the Lego company and the Agency for strategic initiatives in the championship WorldSkills.

“We take from Lego educational robotics, but it is important that the company integrates in the framework of cooperation, including the Russian development, for example, the Russian robotic kit “Trick” from St. Petersburg, that is, they act as the integrator. We have already placed all of the regions that want this initiative to join. It can also be seen as a preparation for WorldSkills movement”, — added Sands.

Earlier, the Russian Federation won the right to host the world championship of working professions in 2019 in Kazan.

WorldSkills International is an international movement whose goal is to promote working professions, raising the status and standards of professional training and qualification worldwide. The world championship WorldSkills is the world’s largest competition of professional skills for the popularization of working professions.