The meeting of creditors and management “Transaero” has not brought agreements

The meeting of creditors and management “Transaero” has not brought agreements

The new management “Transaero” has begun to develop a plan that should bring the carrier to positive financial results.

MOSCOW, 30 Oct. The meeting of creditors, and top management have stopped the flights from October 26, the airline “Transaero” has not brought agreement on the settlement of the debt of the carrier.

At the meeting, was presented by Valery Zaitsev, was declared “Transaero”, the Board of Directors has previously appointed the Director General is the former top-the Manager “Aeroflot” Dmitry Saprykin. However on Friday evening it became known that Saprykin continues to consider himself the General Director “Transaero”. This is evidenced available to the order on airline, dated October 30, signed by Saprykina, in which his position is listed as “CEO”.

Also at the meeting was represented by Alexander Burdin, appointed by the Board of Directors of “Transaero” financial Director of the company.

Transaero airlines has been unable to service debts, which form together with the leasing obligations of about 250 billion rubles. Her tickets aren’t sold, but flying the airlines is prohibited from October 26. Passengers are transported mainly airlines of Aeroflot group.

The new management of Transaero airlines on Friday announced that it has begun to develop a business plan, which should take the company into positive financial results. Creditors most likely will be asked to partially write off a debt partially convert it to shares it was noted in the treatment Zaitsev to creditors “Transaero”.

The restoring operations

The meeting was attended by the co-owner of S7 airlines Vladislav Filev, which plans to acquire a controlling stake in Transaero. He expressed the opinion that the operations of the company “Transaero” will be able to recover within half a year.

“From my point of view, we will be able to restore in some form the operations of the company in about six months, after six months the company will have quite a decent amount of live cash. That’s what I with high probability will tell you,” said Filev.

“Maybe it’s not the company that is today in this situation and, say, its sister company… Yes, I see the value of the company, and I am interested to participate in this process”, — said Filev. He reiterated that it plans to acquire a controlling stake in Transaero, decorated it himself.

The views of creditors

The representative of VTB at the meeting of creditors with the new management “Transaero” has not heard specific proposals from the company to settle the debt. “To speak about any results while early. The meeting was not formulated specific proposals on settlement of debt of the company”, — said the representative of the Bank.

Absolut-Bank has positively assessed the meeting. “We appreciate today’s meeting. And we see interest in the salvation of Transaero not only on the part of the creditor banks”, — said the Chairman of the Board of the credit organization Andrey Degtyarev.

“We are positive about the meeting. Hope today was the beginning of the way to solving problems “Transaero”. Any living dialogue is always more productive than an exchange of views in the media,” — said, in turn, the press service of the Moscow credit Bank.

Continued funding

In the evening, Advisor to the head of Federal air transport Agency Sergei Izvolsky said that the General Director “Transaero” is still Dmitry Saprykin and Valery Zaitsev not confirmed their powers. “The General Director of airline “Transaero” is Dmitry Saprykin. It was under his leadership was carried out operating activities of Transaero, and now he remains at the head of the airline,” said Izvolsky.

A source in the Aeroflot group reported Friday that October 30 was transferred the next tranche in the amount of 500 million rubles for payment of advance salaries to the staff of “Transaero” for October, the money was provided by Aeroflot.

“Around “Transaero” intersects a large number of different conflicting interests. Therefore, it is difficult to find a compromise, and the situation requires a lot of time to resolve all these contradictions”, — said the chief editor of “air Transport review” Alexey Sinitsky.