China presented the first prototype of a new airliner

Moscow. On 2 November. Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (Comac) presented the first prototype of the C919 narrow-body aircraft, designed to carry up to 190 passengers at a distance of 4075 kilometers.

The presentation took place in Shanghai, where Assembly line production center aircraft Corporation, reports the BBC.

It is planned that S will make its first flight in 2016. Then within three years will be testing various components and mechanisms of the new model. Only after this the aircraft will be put into commercial operation.

In Comac claim that has already received 517 orders for new aircraft from Chinese and foreign companies.

A family of single-aisle aircraft C919, designed for 168-190 seats, Comac hopes will compete with the aircraft A320 and Boeing-737. If successful the C919 will be the first Chinese medium-range aircraft, which will be able to enter the global transportation market.

In the 1970s and 80s, Chinese engineers are trying to develop big passenger plane Shanghai Y-10, based on the American Boeing 707, but in mass production it went.