Crimean winemakers began to explore the Asian market

Crimean winemakers began to explore the Asian market

SIMFEROPOL, November 2. The largest wine-making enterprises of the Crimea go to the Asian market, the first contracts have already been signed with China. About it in interview to the correspondent. said heads of the companies “Inkerman”, “Massandra” and “Legend of the Crimea”.

Delivery of wine from the Crimea to Asia began this year. At first this market was group of companies “Inkerman”. “We started shipments to China. We already have two contracts, and this year has already left the wagon with our products, and it seems that she’s in demand. I believe that we will deliver in the order of 500 thousand bottles,” said group leader Alexei Sticky.

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The contracts with the Asian side, he did not specify, but stressed that they are in rubles. “We buy prepaid – not as we work with Russian distributors,” added Sticky.

According to the General Director of state enterprise “Massandra” Yanina Pavlenko, the products of Crimean winemakers “looking forward” in Asia, so the company is also beginning to develop the market. “In November, the delegation of our company will participate in the international exhibition in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. In addition, we sent four samples of our wines in the eponymous international contest, which is timed to the exhibition”, – she specified.

The fact that in Asia show interest in Crimean wine, and confirmed the General Director of group of companies “Legend of the Crimea” Michael Shtyrlin. “I was at several exhibitions in China, and the interest they have. But there the market is still unclear to us. If Europe reduces the number of vineyards in China is growing rapidly. The culture of consumption there is only being formed. They drink my wine, or will be to focus on import, we do not know”, – he explained.

The main sales market for Crimean winemakers is Russia. As emphasized by heads of companies, to close it completely in the next ten years it is impossible at least due to the lack of sufficient quantity of wine, so companies invest a significant portion of the profits in the expansion of vineyards.

The increase in the vineyard area

Winemakers of the Crimea in 2016 we intend to increase the landing of new vineyards on the Peninsula, told the leaders of the three largest enterprises of the region.

“Massandra” now owns the most extensive in the Crimea area of vineyards. “We plan to pledge annually from 80 to 200 hectares, updating also the variety. Only our company about 4 thousand hectares of its own vineyards,” – said General Director of state-owned companies Yanina Pavlenko.

More than 200 hectares in 2016, also plans to lay on the Peninsula the company “Inkerman”. “This year we are planting 130 hectares of vineyards, next year, we plan to lay more than 200 hectares. These investments are stretched in time by planting vines, rootstock, Scion, then mounted trellis. It’s not made in one year. In General, the costs per hectare amount to about 900 thousand rubles”, – said the head of the group of companies “Inkerman” Alex Sticky.

The company “Legend of Crimea” this year became a participant of the Free economic zone with the project landing on the Peninsula 850 hectares of vineyards, the investments will amount to 1 billion rubles. The first vineyard area of 1.7 hectares under the name “Russia” in marks of the project was planted in Saki region of Crimea in late April 2015.

“We found the land in Saksky district. In all, 1350 hectares of land. Currently 400 hectares are planted with vineyards. Since 2012, an average of 100 hectares we plant, on the project we have 1200 hectares”, – said General Director of the company Mikhail Shtyrlin.

Earlier, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the Republic is ready to allocate its own territory for vineyards at least 60 hectares, and ,thus, to double the Russian average. Now actually working the vineyards in the Crimea, about 10 thousand hectares. The Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo said that only in 2016, the city plans to disembark about 1 thousand hectares of vineyards.

The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, the area of vineyards in Russia there is 87 thousand hectares. According to the plan office, this figure needs to increase by 2020 to 140 thousand ha. this year for the support of viticulture government allocated 1 billion rubles – 3 times more than the year before. In 2016, the amount of state support it is planned to increase to 2.4 billion rubles.