Embassy: Slovakia intends to discuss with Russia gas transit to the EU

Embassy: Slovakia intends to discuss with Russia gas transit to the EU

MOSCOW, 2 Nov. The Minister of economy and energy Slovakia Hudák Vasil expects during the visit, on 7-8 December in Moscow to discuss with the head of the Ministry of energy Alexander Novak and Gazprom’s management of the issue of supply and transit of gas to Europe, said the Ambassador of Slovakia in Russia Peter Priputen.

“The Minister of economy (and energy) of Slovakia arrives on 7-8 December in Russia. We have requested a meeting with Mr Novak. We assume also a meeting at managerial level of Gazprom”, — said the Ambassador of Slovakia.

“We have already approved these dates a few days ago (with Russia) and now will work to finalise the programme of the visit of our Minister in Moscow. We are interested in these meetings and discussed all issues, including transit and gas supplies,” the diplomat added.

He added that “the main portfolio of the Minister for the economy and he is co-Chairman of the intergovernmental Commission, where Russia comes from Mr. (Minister of industry and trade) Denis Manturov”.

“I hope this visit of our Minister will be effective, and this collaboration, which still exists — because we are very responsible partner of Gazprom and Russia in General as a transit country and consumer of gas and oil — this cooperation will continue,” stressed the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic.