In the presidential administration knew about the upcoming arrest and khoroshavina Gaizer

ST. PETERSBURG, November 2. In the presidential administration knew about the impending arrest of the former governors khoroshavina and Gaizer, though their Declaration was checked and has not caused problems. About it journalists were reported by the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov.

“On the arrests of the governors of Komi and Sakhalin administration of the President has not been informed, and this is absolutely correct,” – said Ivanov. In his view, “law enforcement agencies should work without regard for anyone or anything, then they will be honest, fair, independent, and not to act or Vice versa, under the carpet to try to cover up”.

“Who’s next – can not answer”, – he said.

“The arrest of these two governors – another proof that we are not untouchable and that there are reasonable grounds to suspect any officer of corruption, the law enforcement authorities act without regard to whoever-else”, – said Ivanov.

However, he stressed that the guilt or innocence determined by the court.

The ex-Governor of the Sakhalin oblast Alexander Horoshavin was detained on 3 March. Against him criminal case on the fact of receiving a bribe of more than $5.6 million on 25 March, the President of the Russian Federation dismissed khoroshavina from the post of Governor in connection with loss of trust. April 27, against the ex-Governor filed a second criminal case about a bribe in the amount exceeding 15 million rubles.

September 20, was arrested the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer. It is a criminal case against 19 people – alleged leaders and members of the criminal community, – under articles “organization of and participation in a criminal Association” and “fraud”, then added the article “money laundering”.