Media: Russian citizens suspected of involvement in the machinations of the Chinese securities

SHANGHAI, November 2. /Corr. Artem Churkin/. Two Russian citizens suspected of involvement in a major fraud with securities on the Chinese stock exchanges. On Monday announced on its website the authoritative business magazine “Caixin”.

On Sunday, the Ministry of public security of China issued a statement on the disclosure of major fraud futures, which was attended by the citizens of an unnamed foreign state George dawn and Anton Murashov. According to police, Murashov and a group of foreign IT specialists have developed software which allowed for a short time a large number of operations on purchase and sale of securities and market manipulation. As a result of suspected illegal profits amounted to more than 2 billion yuan ($316 million ).

In the Russian Consulate General in Shanghai was unable to confirm that we are talking about citizens of the Russian Federation. “We have seen these media reports. Still no official notifications or requests from the Chinese authorities we have not received. It is possible that these people are not Russian citizens,” – said Corr. third Secretary of the Consulate General of Russia in Shanghai Dmitry Dmitriev.

According to the magazine “Caixin”, Murashov and dawn a few years ago, registered in Hong Kong two legal entities, which invested in the capital was established in 2012 in East China Jiangsu company “Isidor”. The last came in sight of law enforcement bodies during the stock market crisis in June and July this year due to the large number of suspicious transactions. In that period, during the powerful vibrations on the market the company has earned more than 500 million yuan (about $80 million). Part of the money later through illegal channels was withdrawn abroad.

After the collapse of the securities market in June the authorities began to investigate all suspicious activities within the campaign against illegal manipulations. The management of “Isidor”, including Murashova and the Dawn went from mainland China to Hong Kong. Some time ago, the General Director, citizen of the PRC Gao Xia, came back, and was immediately arrested by the police. Currently he is cooperating with the investigation. In the case of detained two Chinese nationals.