Medvedev has made comments to the Deputy heads of the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of Finance, the MAYOR and the Ministry of energy

MOSCOW, November 2. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced comments the Deputy heads of four ministries – the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of energy. As noted in the document published on the official website of the Cabinet, officials brought to disciplinary responsibility “for inadequate execution of the assigned duties”.

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According to government decree, comments, declared the Deputy Minister of industry and trade Andrey Boginsky, Deputy Minister of Finance Andrey Ivanov, Deputy Minister of economic development Nikolay Podguzov and the first Deputy Minister of energy Alexey Teksler.

Earlier, Medvedev said he “signed a number of decisions on disciplinary penalties” due to the limited implementation of anti-crisis plan of the government of the individual departments. “Those who in the given period did not, have to answer for it, – said the head of the Cabinet. – I signed a number of decisions on disciplinary penalties”. Medvedev said that he recently heard a report on the implementation of anti-crisis plan. “Unfortunately, there are a number of problems by individual departments with deadlines of these tasks. Wish all here, despite the fact that the year ends and the anti-crisis plan is completed, and completed everything it should be,” he said.