Medvedev signed a number of disciplinary sanctions for non-performance anti-crisis plan

GORKI, November 2. A number of agencies have not complied fully with the activities of the anti-crisis plan, signed decisions on disciplinary penalties with such leaders. This was reported today Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“Those who in the given period did not, have to answer for it. I signed a number of decisions on disciplinary penalties”, – said Medvedev at a meeting on improvement of control and supervision.

The Prime Minister demanded from the government that “all together” and finish it all within the anti-crisis plan.

On the control

In Russia in the year 2 million regulatory inspections, many of them ineffective, also said Medvedev. He stressed that this needs improvement. “We have a lot of checks – about 2 million a year. Let’s face it, many of them absolutely ineffective. The cost is also well-known, this affects the interests of ordinary citizens, business and lots of different problems arise”, – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister proposed to discuss at the meeting of the approaches that can be applied to improve control and supervision activities. Medvedev recalled that this subject had engaged a number of experts and government Commission. According to him, it is necessary to finally formulate a position on this issue to discuss it on the government and the President of the Russian Federation.

The meeting continued closed to the press.