The Central Bank said the lack of targets at the exchange rate of the ruble

Moscow. On 2 November. The CBR no target values of the ruble, told reporters the first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin.

“We have no hard plans, guidelines, we have already said many times (. . .) We have no target values for the exchange rate, honestly”, he said.

Earlier on Monday, Thulin stated that the volatility of the exchange rate could not be overcome.

“It is impossible to overcome the volatility of the exchange rate. (. . .) I would like it to be stable, but will not work. Moreover, this volatility, volatility leads to asymmetric unilateral inflationary impact on domestic prices. That is, when the exchange rate falls, domestic prices increase dramatically. And when he priotkryvaet their positions, slowing the growth of prices. That is, asymmetric effect, all in the same direction, which complicates our ability,” said Thulin.