The exam on financial literacy as “excellent” handed over 20% of Russians

MOSCOW, November 2. Every fifth Russian who took part in the project of the Ministry of Finance to increase financial literacy, has passed the relevant examination on “perfectly”. This was announced today at a press conference on the results of the project, said Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.

Participation in the activities of the all-Russian week of savings has received more than 150 thousand people. Week savings took place from 23 to 31 October in 42 regions of the country in the framework of the project of the Ministry of Finance “contribute to improving the financial literacy of the population and developing financial education in the Russian Federation”. In just the week of the exam were more than 12 000 people, of which the high achievers were 20%, “b” received 38%, a satisfactory result was shown by 28%, and 14% passed the knowledge test on financial literacy was clearly not sufficient.

“The financial culture of the population depends not only personal well-being of citizens and sustainable economic development of the country. The main goal of the week savings – so that more citizens are thinking about the importance of financial literacy for their personal and family well-being,” said Storchak.

Most of the difficulties have passed the test called the question on the protection of consumers of financial services. It turned out that only 36% of respondents know that a complaint against the insurance companies need to apply to the Bank of Russia or the Federal service. Less than half /42%/ tested understand what a “financial safety cushion” in case of unforeseen circumstances.