Volkswagen denies the falsification tests of engines Audi and Porsche

BERLIN, November 2. /Corr. Anton Dolgunov/. German carmaker Volkswagen denies that “diesel scandal” involved the engines installed in cars brands Audi and Porsche. This was announced by the representative of the auto giant in the German Wolfsburg.

“Volkswagen stresses that diesel engines V6 of three liters was not installed the software to improperly modify data on emissions,” – said in concern.

With the information that the scandal involved also Audi and Porsche, delivered earlier by the Agency for environmental protection (EPA) of the United States.

“Volkswagen has developed and installed the device (to bypass the stringent environmental norms) on some engines equipped with three-liter light-duty diesel vehicles, Audi and Porsche model series 2014-2016 years”, – said in a statement.

The German carmaker was in the center of a scandal after the discovery on vehicles with diesel engines are software that allows you to bypass strict ecological standards of the USA. We are talking about the device that includes the full capacity of the exhaust system only during appropriate inspection machine. During normal car operation, the system is partially disabled. Thus, during the test is not fixed, for example, the level of nitrogen dioxide emissions, which can cause asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases.