Experts: in Russia decreased the consumption of chocolate because of rising prices and falling incomes

MOSCOW, November 3. Chocolate consumption in Russia due to rising prices and falling incomes in recent times is reduced. This is the conclusion of the research Center of the confectionary market (of ZIKR). According to experts of Association, in the first eight months of 2015, the consumption of chocolate in Russia decreased by 8.4% compared to the previous year and amounted to 3,99 kg of chocolate and chocolate products per person per year.

As explained in the center, it’s own calculations of CIKR based on operational data on production and import-export of chocolate. This segment along with the production of confectionery products with short shelf life have undergone the most negative change in consumer behavior, experts say. So, if in 2014 the average Russian ate about 2.5 kg of cakes, or cakes a year, in August the figure was already 2.1 kg per person (based on year).

Currently in Russia is the adjustment of consumer preferences: the Russians are buying cheaper kinds of sweets – such as candy or pastry products with a long shelf life.

What are the reasons for the changes

The reasons for changes in consumer demand are high prices and a significant growth in prices for chocolate products, according to Zikre. And cite the example of statistics of Rosstat – the cost of 1 kg of chocolate is 705 rubles, and chocolate – 542 roubles. according to experts, the consumption of flour products with long shelf life this year has not changed and amounted to 8.8 kg per year per person (or 700 grams per month). The consumption of sugar confectionery grew by 6% to 1.36 kg per year per person (115 grams per month).

According to the Executive Director of the Centre for research confectionery market Elizaveta Nikitina, a decrease in consumption of sweets in Russia, leads the current economic situation, the falling incomes of consumers and the rising cost of production of confectionery products. “In terms of chocolate consumption per capita our country has now decreased to around the level of Ukraine, and is considerably less than that of European countries”, – said Nikitin.