The rate fell below 63 rubles, Euro – up to 69,01 RUB.

MOSCOW, November 3. The dollar during trading on the Moscow exchange fell below 63 rubles 71 kopecks to RUB 62,95 Euro has fallen in price on 1,05 rbl. to a mark 69,01 RUB.

The price of a futures contract with delivery in December for oil grade Brent on London exchange ICE rose by 1.4% to $49,45 per barrel.

Now the pair dollar/ruble has reached a strong support level near 63 rubles, so the positive dynamics of the Russian currency could newly be replaced with a slight decline, says expert “BCS Express” Ivan Kopeikin.

“Brent oil quotes again topped $49 per barrel, and may well boost in case of breaking the 50 mark. Into the hands of buyers now plays a continued decline in active rigs in the U.S. and not bad stats on China’s economy, published yesterday,” – says Kopeikin.

In particular, the index of business activity in China’s manufacturing sector rose in October to 48.3 points while the average expectations on the level of 47.7. Similar indexes of the Eurozone and the US rose to 53.2 points and 54 points, respectively, while in Russia business activity manufacturing increased to 50.2 points, exceeding the critical level of 50 points.