Putin: Russians is very important to recognize ourselves as one people

Putin: Russians is very important to recognize ourselves as one people

Looking back, it is easily seen that Russia has achieved brilliant victories at a time when I was single, reminded the Russian President, speaking at the forum active citizens of a Community.

MOSCOW, 4 Nov. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the forum of active citizens “Community” reminded how important the Russians always aware of themselves as a single people that does not mean uniformity of thought.

“If we look into history, we make sure that when we were single, we always achieved brilliant victories. When they were divided — was to face tragedy, disintegration, misery and suffering of millions of our citizens. Therefore, it is important to be aware of ourselves as one people, despite our diversity,” said Putin.

In his words, “it is very important for any people” but “for such a complex country and diverse country as Russia, with its multiethnic and multi-religious composition” is necessary “to stop once a year and remember what and when happened, when and what ever happened to us, due to our victories and triumphs, and the defeats and tragedies”.

“But, of course, this unity does not mean uniformity of thoughts, views on existing problems, on the future of the country, in the way of its development. It is important to understand that at the core of these disputes, sometimes very severe, must lie one — the love of the Fatherland, the desire to make it stronger, more powerful, more efficient, and people’s lives better,” he added.

In the meeting the forum was attended by the most distinguished members of non-governmental organizations, volunteer movements, youth and student associations.