ExxonMobil was suspected of manipulating data on climate change

Moscow. On 6 November. The Prosecutor’s office of the state of new York launched an investigation against a leading oil company USA ExxonMobil, suspecting the oil giant in the publication of false information about climate change, The New York Times reported, citing an informed source.

According to a source, state attorney General Eric Schneiderman asked the companies to provide a lot of documents, including financial reports and internal correspondence via e-mail. The investigation covers the activities of the company since the end of 1970-ies.

The Prosecutor’s office suspects that the company deliberately understated the risks of climate change in their public statements and sponsored a study showing the absence of such changes.

“We completely reject allegations that the company concealed research in the field of climate change,” said ExxonMobil spokesman Scott Silvestri. According to the company, it is sponsoring research in this area for over 30 years, and have published dozens of papers on the topic of climate change in reputable journals.

The source notes that the investigation may eventually include other US companies engaged in the extraction of fossil fuels.