Kogan gathered in January to approve the business plan of “URALSIB”

Moscow. On 5 November. The new owner of “URALSIB” plans in the coming months to approve the business plan of the Bank.

“The end of the year I would like to get our young fellow strategists a new governance structure, would like to see the Bank during these two months to minimize the losses that accumulated over the year. Of course, miracles will not be – we’re not out on 1 January at a profit, but will try to minimize losses. I would until January 1 to receive and approve a business plan under which the Bank will move”, – said Vladimir Kogan in an interview to “Russia-24”.

According to him, the pessimistic forecast sees the release of “URALSIB” profit in two years, optimistic – within a year.

On Wednesday the Central Bank announced that the investor “URALSIB” will be Kogan, who offered “the most favorable financial conditions” of rehabilitation. The DIA will provide to the goal of financial improvement of Bank of 67 billion roubles under 0.5% per annum for 10 years and 14 billion roubles under 6% per annum for 6 years. He soon URALSIB reported that Kogan has concluded with Nikolay Tsvetkov an agreement to acquire 82% shares of the credit institution.

Now, “URALSIB” “a gorgeous, but underutilized job network”, a strong team, but the “strange structure” said Kogan. “I have the experience of creating patterns in the Promstroibank (Industrial construction Bank of St. Petersburg, Kogan and his partners sold it to VTB in 2004-2005), it was advanced, we did it together with ABN Amro, now I asked her to lift, maybe we like to structure and back”, – noted the banker.

Balance sheet of “URALSIB” at the moment is about 300 billion rubles for two or three months this will rise to 500 billion rubles, he said. “We didn’t expect from the news of the change of ownership has already gone flow to the balance, plus a billion and a half (Thursday), Yes, let small, but the drop wears away the stone,” said Kogan. Money from the Deposit insurance Agency should come next week, he added.

The new owner believes that “URALSIB”, which over the past decade has dropped from 6th to 26th place in the list of largest banks by assets, over time, should be back in the top ten.

“We set ourselves a very ambitious goal: to bring him back in the top 10, to make the system by the Bank, to repay the Deposit insurance Agency of their loan, and then can safely leave (the Bank) as inheritance to children, who are now working together with me and have a lot of help,” said the banker. Kogan is the father of four children, the son of the businessman Efim Kogan owns 24,95% shares of Petersburg BFA Bank.

Cogan also did not rule out that the Bank on a regular basis may lead acting Board chair Svetlana Bastrykin, although the option will also be considered and external candidates.