The first test of Volkswagen cars in France indicate falsification

The first test of Volkswagen cars in France indicate falsification

PARIS, November 6. The first test of Volkswagen cars in France have confirmed that the German concern indeed falsified data on exhaust emissions. This was reported on Friday the French Minister of ecology ségolène Royal.

“We tested 10 different brands of cars on Volkswagen vehicles were recorded exceeding five times the emissions of nitrogen oxide. It stands to falsification,” she said on the radio station France Info.

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In late October, French police carried out searches in Villers-Cotterêts, where since 1962 is the local branch of Volkswagen, and also in the office of the company in Roissy. Was made seizure of documents.

Volkswagen was at the center of a scandal after the discovery in his car of software that allows you to fake emissions. First, the investigation against the German concern was opened in the USA, followed by lawsuits in several countries in Europe and Asia. In France, a preliminary investigation was started this month.

Royal previously reported that the government intends to request from Volkswagen for the return of those government subsidies, which were paid by French buyers of diesel cars sold under the banner of protecting the environment.

“In those cases, when the acquisition in France of the so-called environmentally friendly cars paid state grants, these amounts must be compensated by the French state,” he said. According to her, at the present time “is the total of these payments”.