The government will accelerate the privatization of “Rosneft” and “Aeroflot” at the request of the President

MOSCOW, November 5. The Federal property management Agency is ready to accelerate privatisation “Rosneft”, “Aeroflot” and “RusHydro”, if you will be given appropriate instructions of the President, informed the head of Department Olga Dergunova, speaking in the state Duma on Thursday.

“The meeting, which took place at (first Deputy Prime Minister Igor) Shuvalov, we were recommended to consider the possibility of accelerating the sale of large assets regardless of what prices will be in international markets. Before we proceeded from the hypothesis that we should not sell state assets for any price. The situation on international markets does not improve and we are prepared that if the President will support such a decision, i.e. a class of assets ready for privatization. It’s all public companies – Rosneft, RusHydro, ALROSA, Aeroflot. In fact, all those assets that are listed on the stock exchange,” said Dergunova.

“With Shuvalov discussed two decisions. This acceleration mechanism for the transfer of state assets to a public offering and sale without the price announcement. The second involves realizing that international markets in a difficult situation, there is a class of assets is ready, is a public company that can sell at the prices dictated by the market,” said Dergunova.

The head of the Federal Agency indicated that Shuvalov recommended to prepare proposals to the President in order to initiate a discussion. She reported that the Ministry of economic development in November will prepare the corresponding report to the President.

However, the Secretariat of the Vice-Premier said that the government’s position on privatization did not change, Shuvalov did not give instructions or recommendations on its acceleration, regardless of market conditions.

“We are not aware of any instructions and recommendations to accelerate sales of major assets, regardless of market conditions, including in international markets. “The position on the privatization did not change”, – said the representative of the Secretariat first Deputy Prime Minister. Sharm El-Sheikh