First Japanese passenger jet passed tests

First Japanese passenger jet passed tests

Manufacturers of liner Mitsubishi Regional Jet has achieved a mileage of the aircraft at high speed, in which the Board first able to lift off the ground the front of the chassis.

TOKYO, 7 Nov. Ksenia Naka. First Japanese passenger jet MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) on Saturday successfully tested overclocking to a speed of 220 kilometers per hour.

On Friday and Saturday company Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has made the landing run at high speed, which resulted in the aircraft for the first time were able to lift off the ground the front of the chassis, said the Agency Kyodo. At the airport in Aichi Prefecture, which hosted the trials, put together the fans of the new brainchild of Japanese aviation.

The first details for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, which should be the first jet aircraft, fully manufactured in Japan, were created five years ago. The first test flight was planned for may this year, but for technical reasons was postponed several times. As have informed Agency sources in the company, tests conducted on Saturday, should be the final stage before the test flight of the MRJ, scheduled to be held from 9 to 15 November. The exact date will be determined based on the weather forecast.

Developed by a division of Japan Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries — Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation — regional jet Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) was presented to the public in October last year. The flight range of the aircraft is, according to the company, from one half to 3.5 thousand kilometers. It is expected that customers will be able to get the plane in 2017.

Now MRJ is represented in several versions. The first version of MRJ 70 has a capacity of 78 seats. The second option MRJ 90 with an elongated fuselage designed for 92 passengers. The company did not exclude that in the future you may receive a modification with a capacity of about 100 seats.