Sands: to suspend flights to Egypt does not mean that the basic version of state of emergency with A321 – attack

Sands: to suspend flights to Egypt does not mean that the basic version of state of emergency with A321 – attack

MOSCOW, November 6. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has disposed to suspend flights to Egypt until the end of the investigation “Kogalymavia”, until then, until will not be provided the proper level of security. This explanation gave the journalists the press Secretary of the head of state. Dmitry Peskov.

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“The clarification I would like to give: (the head of the FSB) Alexander Bortnikov reported on the results of the meeting of the National antiterrorist Committee recommendations to the NAC to suspend air traffic with Egypt, the President agreed with this”, – he reminded. “The government was given instructions to work out a mechanism for the return of Russian citizens to their homeland”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

According to him, “here it is necessary to specify: the President was referring to the suspension of air links with Egypt until, as will be able to establish the proper level of security of flights”. According to Peskov, “now will be carried out jointly with the Egyptians work to establish the necessary level of security with regard to risk”. To the question, how much time you need to solve this problem, a Kremlin spokesman said: “We rely on close cooperation” with Egypt.

Peskov stressed that this decision does not mean that the version of the attack is seen as basic in the investigation of the disaster. “No, it does not”, – said the representative of the Kremlin, responding to a question. “Of course, still, none of the versions can’t dominate because there is no clear indication in favor of this version”, – he said.

The press Secretary also declined to say whether the Russian Federation to strengthen measures of security of transportation of Russians in other countries, except for Egypt. “So far it’s you have nothing to say”, he said.

The representative of the Kremlin said that the decision to suspend flights “applies to all flights into Egypt,” and not only the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, where flew the crashed Board the A321.

Peskov did not answer the questions, what number will begin the return of Russians from Egypt to their homeland or whether it’s evacuation. “Since the main orders were given by the government, then have all the information going from a single window, from the government,” he explained.

Question, what are the criteria for the required level of travel security, Peskov referred to specialists dealing with security. “To ensure the safety, security and pre-flight preparation of the entire infrastructure, then it will be possible to resume flights”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

“While understanding the President is the endpoint of this decision – until then, until will not be provided together with the Egyptians have the level of safety of flights”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

On holiday in Egypt are about 45 thousand Russians, told TASS head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov. “Near the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, according to our data, about 40% of our tourists, in the area of Hurghada about 60%. In aggregate, according to preliminary data, which will be clarified in the near future, about 45 thousand people. This figure we will clarify together with tour operators and travel agencies. This work we start right now,” said Safonov.


In recent days, three countries – Ireland, UK and the Netherlands – announced the suspension of flights of its airlines in Sharm El-Sheikh, explaining this step suspicions that the cause of the crash A321 was the detonation of an explosive device. There is no official confirmation of this information is not available. In addition, the Russian Center of forensic medical examination previously stated that experts from Russia and Egypt during the preliminary inspection of the bodies of passengers did not reveal a trace of mine-explosive effect.

Disaster in Egypt

The A321 aircraft to the Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight 9268 Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed on 31 October after about half an hour after departure, 100 km South from the administrative centre of province Northern Sinai city of El Arish, near the settlement of El Hasna. In total the plane was 217 passengers and seven crew members, none survived.