Zyuganov has offered to hold a referendum on the subject of nationalization of raw material resources of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, November 7. The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov, speaking at a rally in honor of the 98th anniversary of the October revolution, offered to hold a nationwide referendum on the issue of the nationalization of the resource base of Russia. The rally was held in Moscow on the Theatre square.

“I’m sure we’ll be able to hold a nationwide referendum on the nationalization of mineral resources and key industries,” said Zyuganov. In his opinion, this will allow to double the budget.

“Why do we have 10% of the richest have captured 87% of the national wealth? Why do we have social inequalities? Why do we have half the country living on 15 thousand less?” – complained the leader of the Communist party.

As pointed out by Zyuganov, “the Communist party has prepared a real program”, the essence of which is to “develop and not to steal”. “We need to do is to make the main wealth of our country served to each person,” he said.

Zyuganov congratulated everyone with the anniversary of the revolution. “Long live the Great October revolution, long live the hard-working people! Long live the people-the winner!” – concluded the leader of the Communists.