Kadyrov stated the need for rejuvenation of the personnel of the Ministry of interior of the Republic of

GROZNY, the 7th of November. The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov spoke for the rejuvenation of the personnel of the Ministry of interior of the Republic. In his opinion, in the system of bodies of internal Affairs requires certain reforms to improve at a more qualitative level, reported in a press-service of the government of the Republic.

“To maintain stability and order in the Republic, it is first necessary to observe and discipline among police officers. You also need to rejuvenate the personnel of internal Affairs bodies. Have reached the retirement age of employees is necessary with respect to send on the deserved rest, and the youth to give way. Need a new system, which can be used more efficiently to carry out law enforcement activities in the region. Police officer should be fully trained to perform various tasks set before him, he must also have perfect appearance and modern equipment”, – Kadyrov said at a meeting with heads of bodies and divisions of the Ministry of interior in Chechnya.

According to Kadyrov, the law enforcement bodies of the Republic it is necessary to strengthen the work in every district of Chechnya, focusing on countering the ideology of terrorism and extremism, and drug trafficking.