Deputy foreign Minister: only the government army of Syria can break terrorists “on the ground”

Deputy foreign Minister: only the government army of Syria can break terrorists “on the ground”

MOSCOW, 9 November. Only Syrian government forces could “on the ground” to “break the backbone” of international terrorist organizations. This was stated by the representative of Russian President for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov in an interview with Russian View.

“Terrorism has become a sort of “fifth horseman of the Apocalypse”, which, as cancer affects more and more new areas of our planet, he said. To fight this universal evil to all the world, and not alone. A truly broad coalition against the terrorists of the so-called “Islamic state” (a name banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group – ed.) and similar structures should include both regional and international actors”.

Bogdanov stressed that Moscow “considers a huge mistake refusal to cooperate with the Syrian authorities, the regular army of Syria”. “Only the Syrian government forces on the ground to break the backbone of international terrorist organizations that have wracked the country,” the diplomat said.

“We see that many foreign players and most of the Syrian opposition share the view that, in any socio-political transformation in Syria it is important to maintain its state institutions, primarily the armed forces, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, he added. – This is essential to prevent collapse in the country, in the interest of effective counteraction to terrorist threat”.

“We are calling for clear priorities: the integration of efforts and roles in the fight against terrorism, and then progress on political track of resolving the crisis in Syria through Syrian-led talks,” said Bogdanov.

In his opinion, if joint efforts can achieve positive results in creating a real anti-terrorist coalition, the fight in the common ranks in the Syrian army, armed “moderate” opposition, “Syrian free army”, Kurdish self-defense forces against terrorists and extremists “will lead to the strengthening of mutual trust that will create a favorable environment to promote the political process aimed at a consensual solution.”

About contacts Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia

Contacts Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia to counter, not the terrorist group “Islamic state” carried out and bear fruit, said Mikhail Bogdanov.

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“The recent political contacts at various levels with our Saudi and American partners demonstrated the existence of deep concern in Riyadh and Washington now sprawling outside the middle East terrorist threat, he said. Although the approaches to the Syrian settlement is saved known differences, none of our American or Saudi interlocutors does not challenge the thesis about the critical importance of the fight against terrorism”.

Speaking about trilateral cooperation between Russia, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia on the track of terror, Bogdanov stated that “such coordination is possible with the understanding that all members of the triangle will have a clear stake in the establishment and successful functioning of such mechanism”.

According to Bogdanov, the phenomenon is prohibited in Russia the terrorist group “Islamic state” “took a transboundary, international nature, and no country in the world today is not immune from the emergence within it of radical elements, solidaritybased with this group”. “Objectively, it pushes our country toward a more trusting dialogue on counter-terrorism issues, the diplomat says. – Such contacts are conducted, and they bear fruit”.

Riyadh is interested in expanding cooperation with Moscow

Moscow has repeatedly expressed willingness to work together with Saudi Arabia in seeking mutually acceptable solutions to crisis situations in the middle East, Riyadh is also interested in expanding cooperation with Russia, said Mikhail Bogdanov.

“Indeed, with the Saudi side on a regular basis maintained a close dialogue on the most pressing issues of the regional agenda, said a senior diplomat, answering the question of the revitalization of joint policy initiatives with the Kingdom. – Given the role that Saudi Arabia plays in the Arab-Muslim world, without connecting it to the international efforts aimed at resolving the ongoing conflicts in the middle East, to achieve a secure peace in the hot spots of the region will be very problematic”.

“In Moscow repeatedly declared its readiness and openness to work together with Saudi colleagues in the search for mutually acceptable solutions to the Syrian crisis, end the violence in Yemen, the stabilization in Iraq, Libya, Palestine, – said Bogdanov. We know about the presence of the same spirit and from the Saudi side. In the Kingdom highly principled and unwavering stance regarding the Palestinian-Israeli settlement on many issues of the development of international relations, our positions coincide”.

In Moscow and Riyadh, he said, “perceive held on the sidelines of the June St. Petersburg international economic forum conversation of Vladimir Putin with the successor of crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince, defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman, as well as their recent meeting in Sochi as a critical event that marks the beginning of a new stage in the development of Russian-Saudi relations are diverse, primarily in the field of investment, nuclear energy, agriculture, oil and gas complex”.

“A fundamentally important point believe that the Saudi side is interested in expanding cooperation with Russia without typical of previous years linking it with the demand “change” our policies in the middle East – said Bogdanov. – We expect new positive approaches Saudi partners will receive practical confirmation. We do our part to pass ready”. In his words, “the prerequisites for joint political work there, for example our unequivocal support for the Arab peace initiative put forward in 2002 by Saudi leadership.”

The Russian Federation considers it premature to speak about a fundamental improvement of the situation in the middle East

Moscow considers it premature to speak about a fundamental improvement of the situation in the middle East, but positive steps must be secured, said Mikhail Bogdanov.

“If these (negative – approx.TASS) the process time does not stop, then it is possible development of the situation in the most dramatic scenario, he said. – Recently, however, in middle Eastern Affairs has shown signs that the unwinding of destructive tendencies can be brought to an end.”

“Government forces in Syria, Iraq, the Kurdish militias managed to contain the onslaught of international terrorists and move to the offensive. So, some success on the ground in recent weeks had made the Syrian army – said Bogdanov. – In this case supported by the Russian space forces”.

“Work has advanced in Syria and the middle East at the international platforms, – continued the diplomat. – On 23 October in Vienna was held quadripartite consultations on the Syrian issue, the foreign Ministers of Russia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. On the same day was convened at Russia’s initiative urgent meeting of the Ministerial “Quartet” of middle East mediators (Russia, USA, EU, UN)”.

“However to speak about a radical change in the situation in the middle East for the better, unfortunately, prematurely, he said. – To consolidate the positive developments that have already emerged, it is necessary carefully, to communicate, which requires tight coordination of all interested players.”

The threat to the world community

From a terrorist hotbed, which appeared in the middle East, the real threat for the region and for the entire international community, said Mikhail Bogdanov.

“This threat must be taken seriously, – said the diplomat. – Especially in the camps of takfirist (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq run-militants from many countries, including European”.

“From the beginning of the crisis in Syria, we sought to assist the Syrians in a peaceful settlement of the crisis, the speedy cessation of bloodshed, the fight against manifestations of extremism and terrorism on this earth, – noted the diplomat. – The conflict has brought much misery and suffering to the Syrian people. Took lives, broke the fate of thousands of people. Stole hope for the future and a decent life. In these circumstances, the terrorists, much stronger than before on someone else’s grief, proclaimed in Syria and Iraq the so-called Caliphate, built, but not for the noble principles of true Islam, and the ideology of hatred and intolerance”.

“This could not be tolerated, – said the Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – Russia has decided to respond to the call for help of the Syrian government in countering the spread of terrorism”.

“I would like to emphasize that in their policy approaches and practical steps on the Syrian track, we strictly adhere to the norms and principles of international law, the UN Charter, – the diplomat noted. In global terms this policy of Moscow is aimed at strengthening the world order, creating international peace and security, normal inter-state relations. The elimination of terrorist cells and extremist relief of manifestations of the long-term interests of the Russian Federation, including on the middle East area”.

Flirting with fire by terrorists

According to Bogdanov, Moscow has questions to the West by criteria of division of illegal armed formations (IAF) on “moderate” and “immoderate”.

“Our Western partners like to make loud statements (which Russia strikes not for the purposes of ATS – ed.), to make generalizations, sometimes, as it turns out later, is not based on real facts, – said Bogdanov. – By the way, all I remember about the tube with some white substance, which showed a famous high-ranking American representative at the meeting of the UN Security Council, accusing the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to build weapons of mass destruction. And what is it?”

“The Americans were looking for this weapon in Iraq for quite a long time – recalled the diplomat. – The entire country razed to the ground, plunged it into chaos, and sought was never found. Now they, and who was at that time Prime Minister of great Britain Tony Blair, publicly admit they made mistakes.”

The Deputy Minister called on be careful to treat the word partners from the West, check. “Here they say, they say, Russian HQs of those in Syria are being bombed. Say, there are “moderate” Syrian armed opposition, which are applied to the objects of the Russian strikes, – said Bogdanov. But what is the criterion of division in the IAF “moderate” and “immoderate”?”

“The illegal armed groups in Syria have an umbrella or a mosaic structure. Their composition and size may vary due to “migration” of the militants, – he noted. – Detachments of extremists often find themselves under the banners of those who will pay them more. Perhaps our Western partners know better, but for us it is unclear what different from other bullets “moderate” and “immoderate” sniper, how to distinguish laid by the jihadists bomb from exactly the same, but set by the fighters of the “moderate” opposition.”

Moscow proceeds from the fact that “any attempts to flirt with terrorists, much less to arm them are not just short-sighted, and “fire”. “In the Wake of the global terrorist threat may critically increase to cover new geographical area,” warns Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

“The lack of real, i.e., not in words but in reality, cooperation in the war against the so-called “Islamic state”, the construction of artificial and unconvincing obstacles to establishing sustainable inter-Syrian political process based on Geneva communiqué of 30 June 2012 makes us wonder about the true purpose of some Western and regional partners in Syria,” said Mikhail Bogdanov.


“Islamic state” (ISIS) – an Islamist terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria. Established on 15 October 2006 by the merger of 11 radical Sunni groups. The core group forming the militants, who fought with American troops during their stay in Iraq and with the forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The IG recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, and Russia (29 December 2014).