Greece was going to return to the capital markets in 2016

Moscow. November 9. Greece is preparing to return to international capital markets next year amid stabilization that followed the conclusion of the agreement on the third package of financial assistance to the country by European creditors.

According to Financial Times, Athens can access the debt markets in the first half.

“Not in the first quarter, but the summer was discussed. It all depends on a positive chain of events, however, the negotiations on this issue were conducted”, – told the edition a source familiar with the situation.

Pictures of Greek government bonds on the secondary market recover in recent months after in April, they fell to 60 cents per Euro of face value. On Monday debt maturing in 2017 traded at 94 cents per Euro in 2019 – 92.7 per cent.

Greece has not placed bonds since July 2014, when it attracted 1.5 billion euros for three years at 3.5%.