Medvedev: the version of the attack is seen as the cause of the collapse of the A321 over the Sinai

MOSCOW, 9 November. The version of the attack is seen as the cause of the crash of Airbus A321 over Sinai, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The likelihood of a terrorist act, of course, remains as the cause of what happened”, – said Medvedev in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, which will be published on 11 November.

He added that consideration of the causes of the disaster “still going”.

“No one wants to break holiday”

According to him, the Russian authorities expect to evacuate Russian citizens vacationing in Egypt for two weeks, but if necessary will continue these efforts and after. “No one wants to break vacation, holidays, weekends; people who go for a certain period, they are this day and the period should be, and then to return, but return in a special mode,” – said Medvedev.

“I think we can most of our campers to take out for the next two weeks, because it coincides with the calendar dates of their stay on the territory of the Republic of Egypt, but, if necessary, of course, will continue to send aircraft in order to evacuate them,” said he.

Medvedev recalled that the baggage is delivered separately because “transportation is associated with increased risk”.

“We understand that the properties of the Luggage such that control is not always sufficient, and therefore it is not very pleasant, but, nevertheless, the decision: after all, Luggage is transported separately,” he said.

Speaking about the Russian travel agencies in connection with the situation in Egypt, the Prime Minister said that for them it is “test” and “unpleasant event”, because “the contracted obligations can be executed”.

“If we talk about the future, holidays, new year or any other events, I yet do not risk to speak on this topic. I have already today at the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers said that we should not indulge in illusions: these are issues related to security, they cannot be solved very quickly. Therefore, it is likely that it will take a lot of time. On this basis and will be formed of tourist flows”, – said Medvedev.

When the Prime Minister said: “we had similar situations when we were forced to intervene and at the expense of a special Fund to assist the tourism industry. I do not exclude that we still have to do the same”.