Slutsky: the importance of the CIS as a discussion platform remains

Slutsky: the importance of the CIS as a discussion platform remains

CIS is slipping away and remains a kind of discussion platform for presidents, said the Chairman of state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky. He noted that the functions that were in the CIS, gradually moving to some other integration structures.

VLADIVOSTOK, 9 Nov. The value of the Commonwealth of Independent States as a forum for the presidents remains, though its functions gradually transferred to other integration formations on the post-Soviet space, according to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Slutsky.

“The CIS is slipping away. The moor has done his duty, the moor but still can’t leave, not yet gone, and the CIS remains a kind of discussion forum for presidents. Some secretariats of the CIS Executive Committee, as proposed by (Kazakh President Nursultan) Nazarbayev, may be in the next few years abolished. Today, the CIS has gradually transferred to some other (integration formations — ed.)”, — said Slutsky on Monday in the program “Posner” on channel one.

The eighth of December 1991 Russia, Belarus and Ukraine signed the agreement establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This act went down in history as “the Belovezhsky agreement”.

The CIS brings together 11 of the 15 former Soviet republics except Georgia and the three Baltic countries. In August 2005 Turkmenistan withdrew from full members of the CIS and received the status of associate member-observer. Ukraine after the change of government in early 2014 raised the question of withdrawal from the Union.

However, the post-Soviet space, there is a continuing multi-speed and multi-format integration, States establish various unions in accordance with national interests. So, developing the Union state of Russia and Belarus, expanding the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).