A bill to ban the use in Russia of aircraft older than 15 years referred to the government

MOSCOW, November 11. First Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on industry Vladimir Gutenev (faction “United Russia”) was sent to receive the feedback of the RF government a draft law banning in Russia the exploitation of foreign-made aircraft older than 15 years.

“All the documents for the introduction of a bill is ready. He sent for review to the government of the Russian Federation”, – said the Deputy.

According to guteneva, a bill “to implement directives of the President of the Russian Federation about improving the safety of passenger air transportation in connection with the recent increase in plane crashes”, it is proposed to amend article 36 of the Air code of the Russian Federation. “These involve the introduction of limitations for the calendar life of imported aircraft (not more than 15 years), and for deoffshorization of the passenger market share to establish the requirement for a certificate of airworthiness issued by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation for admission to the operation of domestic air transport civil passenger aircraft registered in a foreign jurisdiction”, – said the author of the initiative.

In accompanying documents it is specified that the bill “seeks to ensure full sovereignty of the Russian Federation in maintaining airworthiness and flight safety on domestic flights undertaken in the domestic aircraft and foreign-built aircraft”. Thus, according to the explanatory Memorandum, are limited to periods of operation only civilian passenger aircraft. “Other types of aircraft, including state aircraft and experimental aircraft and General aviation aircraft and civil cargo, under the restriction does not fall”, – said the author.

Citing the need to take initiatives, Gutenev also refers to international practice. “More than 40 countries have imposed restrictions on imports (import) and the operation of aircraft, based on their calendar lifetime. As follows from the analysis of existing in the world restrictions on the import and operation of aircraft, based on their calendar lifetime prevalent is the prohibition on the importation of aircraft older than 15 years”, – stated in the accompanying documentation. In particular, the restriction of the import and operation of passenger aircraft, based on their calendar lifetime, put into BRICS countries (China, India and Brazil), specified in the explanatory note.

“The bill will facilitate the creation of legal conditions for increasing the level of safety of civil aviation, and to encourage the development of the industry and systems of safety management in airlines, in accordance with ICAO recommendations,” says the author.

At the same time, Gutenev sent a letter to the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia”, Martin Shakkum, in which he asks “confirm factional support for the initiative, given the particular urgency and significance of the matter under consideration for national security in the aviation field of Russia”.