Medvedev: it is impossible to liken civil servants careerists or corrupt

Medvedev: it is impossible to liken civil servants careerists or corrupt

MOSCOW, 11 Nov. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia as a strong nation needs a large number of officers, and need not be likened to civil servants careerists or corrupt officials who came to government service to enrich themselves.

“I emphasize once again — the state needs the civil servants. They cannot be likened to careerists, or just bribe takers, those who came to public service to enrich themselves. Public service, like any other work, very different,” — said Medvedev in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

He noted that “if the government is weak, and officials, as a rule, no one seeks, if we keep in mind proper motivation, and not criminal”.

“I remember in the 90 years the state was much weaker, and the profession of civil servant was not relevant. I spoke a lot with different people then, and by the way, with the students taught, a small part of them wanted to build a career civil servant. Although all understood that without the officials — whatever they win, no one state could not do” — said Medvedev.

But over the last ten years, according to him, there was a reorientation of values, the state became stronger as a political institution. “Naturally, such a state requires a large number of officials”, — he said.

Medvedev said that civil servants among a huge number of those who perform heavy work for a small salary, and they most likely will remain modest posts.

“It’s one thing to work as a journalist in a small rural or regional newspaper, and another thing — in “the Russian newspaper” or even more to lead the newspaper. It’s the same with civil servants. Great number of them, these are the people who work for little money and work from dawn to dusk. They have hard work, a lot of women in this job, and to believe that they built a career for decades to come, it is impossible”, — said the Prime Minister.

He added that “they, most likely, some of these humble posts will remain, but their work is no less useful”.

“Of course, someone goes to the civil service in order to make a career. I also don’t see the bad. This is a normal motivation for a modern person”, — said Medvedev.