Putin instructed to explore the possibility of a ban on government purchases of imported fish products

MOSCOW, November 11. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the government to draft proposals on imposing a ban on procurement for state and municipal needs of certain types of imported fish products. The relevant paragraph is contained in the list of instructions, signed by the President on results of session of state Council Presidium on the problems of the fishing industry.

According to information published on the Kremlin website Sunday, a report on this request, the Cabinet shall submit, by 1 February 2016.

At the same time the government should prepare proposals on improvement of statistical accounting in the fisheries complex of the Russian Federation.

Be increased to 15 years

Also Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to prepare and submit to the legislative changes, including an increase in the duration of the contract on fastening of shares of quotas of catch of water biological resources of up to 15 years.

The Cabinet also tasked to include in the amendments to the legislation allocating up to 20% of quotas of catch of water biological resources for investment purposes, such as purchase of new fishing vessels built at Russian shipyards, and the construction of processing aquatic biological resources, increase the development of catch quotas of bio-resources from 50% to 70%.

In addition, the President ordered to provide amendments to the law application in the sphere of fishery complex of the unified agricultural tax only for the subjects of small business, single – industry town and village the Russian fishery organizations, fish farms, and the establishment of rates of gathering for using objects of water biological resources in the amount of 100% for organizations engaged in industrial and coastal fisheries, with the exception of single – industry town and village the Russian fishery organizations and companies producing fish products with high degree of processing.

In this case the law should be spelled out the mechanism for indexing the tax rates for using objects of water biological resources for businesses engaged in exporting products of low processing degree;

Moreover, the legislation should be amended to allow the suspension and termination rights for extraction of water biological resources of organizations engaged in industrial and coastal fisheries, if they are under the control of a foreign investor without the decision of the government Commission on monitoring foreign investment in Russia.

The date of execution of these orders of the President installed by 15 February 2016.

Subsidizing the railway tariff for transportation of fish

It also became known that Putin instructed the government until December 1, 2015 to submit proposals to subsidise railway tariffs for the transportation of fish products in order to avoid seasonal price increases.

“To present proposals… for the alignment of railway tariffs for cargo transportation in universal and refrigerator containers, including the possibility of subsidising of railway tariffs in order to exclude the seasonal growth of prices for transportation of fish products”, – stated in the order.

The Commission on the development of the fisheries industry

Also in the President’s instructions there is a statement according to which the development of the fisheries industry in the Russian Federation will be engaged by the appropriate governmental Commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister.

Putin instructed to report to him about the performance of this assignment by December 1.

In addition, the government is ordered to submit proposals on forming a unified management system and coordination of activities of government agencies and organizations engaged in the extraction of aquatic biological resources, production, storage, transportation and realization of fish products, on the organization of the auction and exchange trading of water bioresources, including those intended for export, as well as to improve the separation of powers between the authorities of the Russian Federation at various levels in the field of fishery and preservation of water biological resources, including the organization of recreational and sport fishing and traditional fishing by indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East.

The Cabinet of Ministers and the authorities of regions of the Russian Federation also requested to consider the advisability of establishing a single commercial space, paying particular attention to the possible risks of socio-economic development of the coastal areas of seaside regions. The report on this point Putin is waiting for the 1st of February 2016.