Putin: Russia will develop a shock system capable of overcoming any missile defense system

SOCHI, November 10. Russia will develop a shock system capable of overcoming any missile defense.

This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin.

“We will work on the missile defense system, but at the first stage, as we have repeatedly said, we will work over shock systems that are able to overcome any missile defence system”, – he said at a meeting on developing the Armed forces.

According to him, the true goal of PRO USA is to neutralize the nuclear potential of the Russian Federation. He recalled that the U.S. and its allies continue the construction of a global missile defense system. “And neither our concerns nor offers of cooperation, unfortunately, not taken into account”, – he stated.

Putin noted that Russia has repeatedly assured that the European segment of US missile develops due to the threat of Iranian ballistic missiles. “However, we know that the situation with Iranian nuclear problem is resolved, the relevant agreement signed. Moreover, approved by the respective parliaments. Work on the missile defense systems still continues”, – he stressed.

Thus, references to Iranian and North Korean nuclear threats are just a cover for the U.S. plans, Putin said. “But their true purpose is to neutralize the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear countries, except the United States and its allies – first of all, of course, our country, Russia. And thus the desire to obtain a decisive superiority, with all the ensuing consequences,” – said the head of state.

“We have repeatedly said that Russia will take necessary measures to strengthen the capacity of strategic nuclear forces,” he said.

Putin noted that the meeting will discuss the development of such weapon systems that will shape the Armed forces for the next decade and will be the answer to the challenges faced by Russia.

ABOUT not able to cope with Russian strategic missiles

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the U.S. is not able to cope with Russian strategic missiles. “Neither the current nor even prospective American missile defense is not able to stop or to challenge Russian strategic missile potential,” Rogozin said.

The Deputy Prime Minister declined to specify any technical characteristics of Russia’s strategic missiles.

Recall that currently the United States continues to create an integrated missile defense system in Europe, the most important part which should be the complexes Aegis land-based with new missiles-the SM-3 interceptors. By the end of this year, such complexes will be deployed in Romania and in 2018 in Poland.


The United States began to develop a missile defense system in 2002. Then she received an official name – the national missile defense (NMD). The purpose of the program has been reported to protect the USA and its allies from ballistic missiles of Iran and North Korea.

With the advent in 2009 the White house President Barack Obama the program was revised. The new architecture, known as the adapted non-strategic ABM uses both stationary and mobile missile complexes with small and middle range mainly sea-based.

The system was initially planned to be implemented in four stages. The first one is already implemented: in the U.S. has 30 interceptor missiles of mine based in Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain hosted system land and sea-based (the Patriot), in Turkey the radar early warning system in the region of the Mediterranean sea are ships equipped with Aegis systems and interceptors Standard 3.

On the second and third stages of the Standard 3 will be upgraded.

The fourth stage was calculated until 2020. It was assumed that by that time the modernised Standard 3 will be replaced by more advanced missiles. However, in March 2013, the U.S. administration abandoned these plans, but planned to deploy 14 interceptor missiles in Alaska and to install a second radar in Japan. In addition, it is planned to deploy interceptor missiles in Romania (by 2015) and Poland (by 2018).