Russia wants to ban the import of trout from the economy of Belarus due to revealed violations

MOSCOW, November 10. The Rosselkhoznadzor requests the official veterinary services of Belarus to impose a ban on imports of fish to Russia the enterprise “Trout farm Lahwa”. This is stated in the message Department.

The Rosselkhoznadzor experts checked out a trout farm in October 2015 together with other 14 enterprises of Belarus producing fish and dairy products. After the inspection, “the Rosselkhoznadzor addressed the state veterinary service of Belarus with the request for the imposition of restrictions on the import into Russia of products of the specified enterprise,” according to a press release.

As explained in the Russian Ministry, the system of traceability in the Belarusian enterprise does not work properly, and the program production laboratory control cannot guarantee the safety of products. In addition, the state control over production at the enterprise is also practically non-existent. In 2015 you take only two samples, whereas in 2014 sampling not been carried out.

Also during check it was established that despite the available capacity for fish rearing at present, the company operates 100% on imported raw materials, noted in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

In addition, an official document about the certification of the enterprise CPUE “Trout farm Lahwa” dated October of 2015, although the company supplies its products to Russia as of November 2014 – during this time the volume of deliveries to Russia has exceeded 3 thousand tons of products.

Taking into account the revealed violations and shortcomings, the enterprise should not put their products in the Russian Federation, according to the Rosselkhoznadzor. Information on inspection results with other plants will be provided later, the Ministry informed.