The USDA reduced the forecast of grain production in Russia this year

Moscow. November 11. The USDA in its November report, released Tuesday, reduced the forecast of grain harvest in Russia this year.

According to the report, the wheat production will total of 60.5 million tons versus 61 million tons, according to the October forecast. Evaluation of the harvest of feed grains was lowered to 39 million tons from 39.8 million tons in October.

The forecast of wheat exports remained unchanged at 23.5 million tons, evaluation of export of feed grain is reduced to 7,81 million tons from 8,61 million tonnes in October.

The USDA also maintained at the previous level forecasts carry-over stocks of grains on July 1, 2016: wheat – 7,13 million tons, feed grain – 2.29 million tons.

The forecast of world wheat production, specialists of the USA increased marginally to 732,98 million tons with 732,79 million tonnes in October. Evaluation of world collection of feed grain increased more – up to 1269,56 million tons with 1267,25 million tonnes in October.