Alibaba earned $8 billion in the first 10 hours of the sales singles ‘ Day

Alibaba earned $8 billion in the first 10 hours of the sales singles ‘ Day

Moscow. November 11. The Chinese company Alibaba earned $8 billion in just ten hours per Day of single people (or bachelor’s Day), celebrated in China on November 11. About it reports the British newspaper the Guardian.

In China Day lonely people ( is similar to the American cyber Monday, when companies sell products with significant discounts.

For e-Commerce market is still a record. Meanwhile, sales are growing every year – in 2014 to the middle of the day the goods were sold for $5.8 billion So that the increase is in line with the General trend of development of e-commerce market.

The numbers continue to rise steadily, according to data for the first 12 hours of sales it sold goods to the $9 billion that is already more than last year all day large sales.

The performance of last year’s gross trading volume of $9.3 billion – by noon was exceeded. GMV measures the total volume of trade transactions. In the case of Alibaba, this includes the cost of purchased on the trading floors of goods, the cost of online booking services, transport charges.

According to the chief Executive officer of Alibaba Daniel Zhang (Zhang Daniel), this day “the whole world will witness Chinese consumer boom”.

For comparison, according to research firm ComScore Inc., in 2014 online sales in the U.S. for five days starting from thanksgiving to cyber Monday (December 2) was $6.56 billion.

Analysts expect that in 2015, sales of Alibaba on the Day single people would be $13 billion, it is Now apparent that these figures will be greatly exceeded.

Holiday for singles buyers

Bachelor’s day is not quite traditional Chinese holiday. However, making his debut in 2011 with the tacit consent of the Chinese authorities, he became the most important holiday online shopping in China.

The date November 11 was chosen according to people who believe in the magic of numbers the Chinese number 11 reminds single men and women. Chinese bachelor’s Day was conceived initially as a counterweight to the American “Black Friday” and Valentine’s Day.

Alibaba Group specializes in Internet Commerce and the creation of platforms and technologies for e-Commerce. The market of Internet Commerce in China has 668 million potential customers.

In Russia the most popular among the services Alibaba Group is the online store of AliExpress. In 2014, according to the Association of companies of Internet trade, AliExpress has become Russia’s largest international online store.