Source: “Victory” has cancelled flights to Minsk because of service charges

Source: “Victory” has cancelled flights to Minsk because of service charges

High charges for passenger service in Belarusian the airport became the reason of failure of flights loukoster “Victory” in Minsk, said a source familiar with the situation. Airline specializing in low-cost transportation, cannot afford such fees.

MOSCOW, 12 Nov. The reason for the failure of low-cost flights “daughter” of “Aeroflot” airline “Victory” in Minsk are charges for passenger service, so the fee for service of one departing passenger at the airport of the capital of Belarus is 29.3 euros, the fee for each clocked in the same airport is 12.8 euros, said a source close to the airline “Victory”.

Earlier on Thursday the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported with reference to the representative of “Victory” that the airline was not allowed to fly to Minsk and offered almost prohibitive tariffs. In turn, the Director of the aviation Department of the Ministry of transport and communications of Belarus Vladimir Kostin said that the Belarusian aviation authorities are outraged by the statements that “Victory” is not allowed to fly to Minsk.

“For the departure, we were asked to pay to 29.3 euros for each departing passenger and 12.8 for arriving. Airline specializing in low-cost traffic, can’t fly at the airport from such charges,” — said a source familiar with the situation.

However, the spokesperson of the airline said earlier that Minsk had become the first international destination of the airline. The carrier had planned to fly to the capital of Belarus twice a day, but the airport didn’t agree on the slots for the flights. “Moreover, of them we saw protective tariff for service of passengers”, — said the official representative of the company.

According to him, now the carrier is preparing a letter to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation with a request for assistance in this matter, which will eventually lead to the opening of flights to the capital of Belarus. Earlier it was reported that low-budget airline “Victory” opened its first international flights to Vienna (the plane plus bus) and Bratislava. The fare inclusive taxes and fees the airline established in the amount of 999 rubles (excluding baggage). For the first 10 hours of sales it sold approximately 2700 tickets.