The EP will hold all-Russia regional forum before the elections to the state Duma

The EP will hold all-Russia regional forum before the elections to the state Duma

Among the main topics of the upcoming meeting is a preliminary vote before the elections to the state Duma and adopted amendments to the anticorruption legislation.

MOSCOW, 12 Nov. “United Russia” on Thursday will hold all-Russia regional forum devoted to the procedure of early voting before the upcoming Duma elections of 2016.

The forum, organized on the initiative of the party Chairman and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, will be the first time. As reported in EP, the forum will bring together political strategists and political scientists.

“At the initiative of the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev first time we are holding such a huge event with the secretaries of local branches. The main topics of the forum — this is a preliminary vote before the elections to the state Duma and adopted amendments to the anticorruption legislation,” quoted Secretary of the General Council EP Sergei Neverov, the party’s website.

He added that the forum aims to explain the regional representatives all issues concerning primaries, as in the procedure modifications were implemented.

Earlier in the party told RIA Novosti that the approximate date of the preliminary vote is scheduled for may 22. In mid-October, activists of the Supreme and General Council of the EP chaired by Medvedev adopted the draft provisions on the conduct of the primaries. The next step will be approval at the party Congress, which, as reported last week, the Secretary of the party’s General Council Sergei Neverov, to be held in Moscow on 5-6 February.

Parliamentary elections in Russia held on 18 September 2016. The main bill on their migration from December to September with a positive review of the government was introduced in the spring session of leaders of the Duma factions EP, SR and LDPR and state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin. He was then made and adopted in mid-September, the bill providing for reconciliation of the single voting day in Russia with the elections to the lower house of Parliament. The Communists, the basic law was not supported, as it provides compensation to current MPs who will not be re-elected to the state Duma of the seventh convocation or in regional parliaments (talking about the order of 714 million).

According to the October session of the Supreme and gensoveta EP draft text on the primaries, they will be held simultaneously in all regions on a single form, the vote will be secret. To vote for the candidates will be available to all active citizens, regardless of party affiliation. Candidates who evade the debate, will not be allowed to participate in the Duma primaries in 2016, and in single-mandate districts will not be candidates for even with a small criminal record. In addition, the governing bodies of the party, most likely, will not be nominated, the involvement of independent candidates and candidates from public organizations.

Start the primaries in February will give the Congress the second phase of which is scheduled for June. By this time, will be ready summarization protocols of voting, a list of independent candidates and regional lists.

Previously interviewed political analysts said that to make any predictions on the distribution of votes at the Duma elections is premature. However, they all agree that leadership will remain with the ruling party, but the election results can be substantially changed.

The primaries — the primaries, intra-party elections to choose the strongest and most popular among the electorate of the candidate from the party that with its support will then participate in the main election. The primaries for the first time in Russia organized the “United Russia” in 2011. Today it is the only party that uses such a mechanism of inner-party “selection” of candidates in the Federal and regional lists before the election.