The state Duma on 13 November will consider in the first reading the draft Federal budget

The state Duma on 13 November will consider in the first reading the draft Federal budget

Budget 2016 is formed in a challenging economic environment: economic crisis, sanctions, the situation on the energy market weakens the formation of the revenue side of the budget, said state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

MOSCOW, 12 Nov. The state Duma will consider on Friday in the first reading at the plenary session the draft Federal budget for 2016, said state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

The Chairman of the state Duma noted that on Friday the deputies will consider the draft basic directions of monetary-credit policy, projects of budgets of off-budget funds (mandatory medical insurance Fund, social insurance Fund, pension Fund) and other revenue generating laws tax and social nature. It is planned that the second reading will take place on 2 December, recalled Naryshkin.

“We all understand that the budget for 2016 is formed in rather difficult economic conditions. The global economic crisis and illegal actions of some Western countries towards Russia, the so-called sanctions and not very good for us, the difficult situation on world markets of energy carriers weakens the formation of budget revenues,” — said Naryshkin on the results of Duma Council.

The challenge today is to achieve the maximum return on each ruble invested in the economy and in social sphere, believes the speaker of the state Duma.

Spending budget on a number of areas reduced to 10%, while the budget is formed when a number of principles and priorities. “The first is to support the most vulnerable segments of the population, the second — further promotion of the processes of import substitution, the third is the development of a private sector of the economy, the fourth — the support of the Russian regions”, — said the speaker of the lower house of Parliament.

In addition, the Chairman of the state Duma reminded that the faction “United Russia” has prepared its proposals, which are included in the draft resolution of the state Duma on the adoption of the Federal budget. “These proposals are aimed at fulfilling various social obligations, including further indexation of pensions and social allowances according to the results of budget execution in the first half, the regions and the enterprises of agroindustrial complex at the level of 2015, creating more attractive conditions for business”, — stressed Naryshkin.