In Yakutia, from the abolition of “Golden guarantee” suffered one former Vice-President

YAKUTSK, November 13. /Corr. Susanna Rozhina/. In Yakutia, after the abolition of the “Golden guarantee” they stopped to get the only senior official – former Deputy President of the Republic 78-year-old Spartak Borisov, who is currently retired. This was announced by representative of the Parliament of the Republic of Tatyana Pavlova.

“According to the Republican law, there are special conditions under which persons who hold gosdolzhnosti not receive Silguy. At the moment, only Spartak Borisov, former Vice – President of Yakutia – is retired. The other five people (two heads and three Vice-presidents – approx.) replacing gosdolzhnosti and a separate part of silghat not receive,” she said.

On 11 November the Supreme court of the Russian Federation in its decision lifted sigurantei first persons of Republic, which entered into legal force.

“The representatives of the Parliament and the government of Yakutia has challenged the decision of the Supreme court of Yakutia, which are not based on the rule of law. Our budget allows us to execute such powers, as the provision of social guarantees to the persons replaces Steve the offices of President, Vice-President and head. But, unfortunately, the Supreme court of Russia has supported our appeal and upheld the decision of the Supreme court of Yakutia in force, finding it lawful and justified. Thus, the decision of the Supreme court of Yakutia on the abolition of social guarantees to the first persons of the Republic of entered into legal force,” – said in the Parliament of the Republic.

Local law gave former Vice presidents 75% of salary in case of retirement (the presidents 85%), as well as apartments with a total area of 200 sq m, the unit paid assistants c logistics, service vehicles, communication and security.

Earlier, the Supreme court of the Republic at the request of the Prosecutor invalidated and are not subject to the application of the rules of the first persons to social guarantees after the termination of their powers.

According to the Prosecutor, these norms are not consistent with the principles of self-reliance and balanced budgets and contrary to the requirements of the budgetary legislation.