The fishermen of Sakhalin: the removal of bureaucracy will reduce the price

The fishermen of Sakhalin: the removal of bureaucracy will reduce the price

Every paper, every reloading products means additional costs that are accounted for in the price paid by the buyer for the fish, said Andrei Dolgushin, the Chairman of fishing collective farm “Druzhba”. Change procedures vetkontrolya will help to reduce the price of fish.

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, 13 Nov. The fishermen of the Sakhalin region positively responded to the changing procedures of veterinary control, approved in the President’s instructions following the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council; they hoped that the reduction in veterinary and other administrative barriers will reduce costs and consequently to lower product prices.

The Russian President signed a list of instructions following meeting of State Council Presidium held on 19 October 2015, the main theme was the development of the fisheries sector. In particular, the government in the period until 15 February 2016 the mandate to guarantee the inclusion in the legislation of the Russian Federation changes providing for the exercise of veterinary supervision exclusively in the areas of extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources. According to the press service of the Governor of Sakhalin, this decision is of great importance for the fishermen of the Sakhalin region and Kamchatka, which produce 40% of domestic fish and seafood.

More checks — more expensive product

“… The Rosselkhoznadzor, veterinary services of different that control of the fishermen, just complicated. For example, have created unnecessary obstacles for the carriage of fish from region to region and sometimes within the region. All this was too burokratisierung system, led to additional fees for laboratory tests, for issuing certificates”, — quotes the press service of the Sakhalin Governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

In addition, the Agency cites the opinion of the representatives of the fishing industry of the region:

“The examination of products in place in our settlement (Nogliki) can be done. You should take samples for analysis in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. And it is more than 600 km driven products in Kholmsk to ship it to the mainland. And it has its own veterinary service and a new test. The products came through the Strait in the port of Vanino on the mainland — again check! And each inspection lasts several days”, — said Gennady Horns, the General Director of open company “Irida”.

Control will be easier

“Every paper, every output overload is the additional costs that fall on the shoulders of the average buyer. And, of course, we must not forget that administrative barriers provoke corruption,” says Andrei Dolgushin, the Chairman of fishing collective farm “Druzhba”. According to Dolgushin, only by this innovation one can expect reduction of prices on fish products company by 5-7%.

“Every time you upload a batch of products to the consumer, we have to obtain the veterinary certificate, even if it was a fish caught in the same place at the same time. The paper is issued free of charge, but for laboratory studies — please pay. Examination of fish takes three days, calves — week. All this time the product is left in the fridge, and storage of consumed electric power”, — noted Ilona Lyakh, the technologist of open company “amber”.

According to the Chairman of the Association of fishermen of Sakhalin Dmitry Matveyev, the labyrinth veterinary control is the biggest administrative barrier in the way of domestic fish on Russian market. “Don’t you want total control over each batch. It helps to check the area of fishing, to make a substantiated conclusion, a dangerous fish from him or not. Moreover, that is ultimately responsible for the quality of the products still lies with the manufacturer”, — quotes its words a press-service of the Governor of the region.