The defense Ministry called misinformation media reports about s-400 in Syria

The defense Ministry called misinformation media reports about s-400 in Syria

LATAKIA, November 13. Russian antiaircraft missile systems With-400 “Triumph” in Syria there is “simply misinformation” said the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

“Some reports of our airbase, which appear regularly in international journals, cause if not laughter, sincere bewilderment. I would like to believe that these stories are published for promotional reasons,” he said at a briefing for foreign media representatives in the framework of the press tour at the airbase Hamim, the place of dislocation of the Russian aviation.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

He recalled that the journalists of the third day working at the air base, and they are given the opportunity to see it with my own eyes, “including means of providing air defense base”. “No s-400 here, of course, was not. It’s just misinformation,” said Konashenkov.

“Before you scare the British people and the world posting here our anti-aircraft missile system s-400, it was necessary to see what it is, at least in Wikipedia or on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia, said the representative office. Then the editors of this publication would be clear how many elements make up this complex, and what area would be required for its accommodation”.

During a press tour at the airbase Hamim were the representatives of leading media from Britain, France, China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries. Earlier it was reported that in total, the profit base of almost 50 journalists from 12 countries. As noted Konashenkov, a defense Ministry intends to continue to invite foreign press.

S-400 “Triumph” anti – aircraft missile system of medium and long range. One such complex can simultaneously fire up to 36 goals, inducing them to 72 missiles. The range of the system can reach 400 kilometers. Now the s-400 has only Russia. The first foreign customer was China, however, according to a source in the system of military-technical cooperation, Beijing can get “Triumph” not earlier than a year and a half. The intention to purchase s-400 was expressed by India, negotiations on possible supply of these systems were also conducted with Saudi Arabia.

The strikes of Russian aviation

Russian air force strikes on terrorist groups in Syria from 30 September, acting at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. More than 50 aircraft and helicopters were deployed to the territory of Syria, the Russian air group is based at the airport Hamim. To participate in ground operations in Syria Russia has no plans.