The state Duma adopted the budget for 2016 in the first reading

MOSCOW, November 13. The state Duma adopted the budget for 2016 in the first reading by a majority of votes. For the resolution voted 239, vs – 151 deputies.


According to the document, the expenditure budget next year will amount to 16 trillion 098,7 billion, revenue of 13 trillion 738,5 billion rubles, the deficit – $ 2 trillion to 360.2 billion, or 3% of GDP. In the baseline scenario for 2016, the budget, next year’s GDP growth at 0.7%, inflation is projected at 6.4%, while the average annual oil price of $50 per barrel. The average annual exchange rate used in the budget for 2016, is projected to be 63.3%.

Forecast revenues of the Federal budget is formed based on the changes of tax and customs legislation. In particular, take into account decisions about the conservation in 2016, the rates of export customs duties on oil at the level of 2015, as well as increasing the tax on extraction of minerals for gas and gas condensate to Gazprom. In addition, the revenue forecast for 2016 reflecting the additional revenues from management of Reserve Fund and national welfare Fund in the Federal budget and increase to 90% profit share of the Bank of Russia, payable to the state Treasury.

As the main source of financing of deficit of the Federal budget was the Reserve Fund. To cover the deficit from the Fund in 2016 it is planned to spend 2,137 trillion.

Second reading scheduled for 2 December. Third reading on 4 December.

Voices Of United Russia

However, the draft Federal budget for 2016 was adopted by the votes of the members of the faction “United Russia”, while the parliamentary opposition – the Communist party, LDPR and a just Russia – voted against.

“We have to adopt the budget. You say: “the development Budget”. You say: “Budget survival”. For some it’s “budget of hope”. All there is – and hope, and survival, and development,” he said, speaking from the rostrum of the Duma, leader of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasiliev.

He recalled that the deputies from the summer was working with the government on the project of the main financial document of the country. “What was originally proposed (in the draft budget), all of us – including our party – not staged,” – said the leader of the Duma United Russia party members, calling a number of ways in which the government managed to achieve compromise solutions, including on financing of agriculture.

“We are working with the government constantly. We are also not satisfied with a variety of solutions. But we have these issues solved and we will solve further”, – said Vasilyev.

Referring to opponents, he said that those not voting for the draft budget act “from the point of view of the electoral process is adequate”. “But we are in other interests! We act in the interest that the country should develop, people need every day to solve their problems”, – stressed the head of the faction “United Russia”.

The opposition against

For its part the Communist party were strongly against the concept of government budget in 2016. “Today we are discussing the budget of the impoverishment of the country and further economic collapse. We do not wish to participate and absolutely we will vote against this budget,” said the leader of Russian Communists Gennady Zyuganov.

In his words, the project of the main financial law is of a “colonial character”: “Sell raw materials, vzvinchivanie pictures and Rob citizens”. “It’s shameless policy”, – said Zyuganov.

In addition, he argued that the budget begets poverty, poverty, unemployment and provoke social explosion. “Took, have imposed a new tax on truckers. Want to organize a new massive congestion on all roads? In order to Pskov to reach, it is necessary to pay 23 thousand. Are you crazy who made this rule? It should immediately cancel!”, – said Zyuganov.

The liberal democratic party also criticized the government’s draft budget criticized. “We last two years, called the budget a budget of survival, when we are only 5% of the budget spent on investments in the regions, in fact, we are trying to survive… And the budget I would call budget expectations, when people reach a certain threshold”, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee of the state Duma Sergey Katasonov, speaking from the Duma the liberal-Democrats.

According to the MP, the draft budget “are missing the point of growth” of the Russian economy. “What is the Ministry of economy, which provides the mechanisms of growth? … We want to get not the accounting document, which is pegged, and that the instrument is an instrument of economic growth, GDP growth, growth of incomes of the population,” he said.

“We believe that we need to work, and if not possible, it is necessary to change the government,” said Katasonov.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levichev also found in the draft budget “or opportunities for growth or adequate social support in times of crisis”. “It remains to be seen: how the government plans to fill budget gaps that will arise when prices for hydrocarbons projected below $ 50 per barrel… Yet cut back on education, health and science – all that we see, “minor industry”” – he complained in an interview with reporters.

Levichev has reminded that spravorossy traditionally have prepared an alternative budget that generates revenues based on a different principle. Speech, in particular, is the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation of incomes of physical persons, and strengthening administration in the field of charging for the use of water, forest and biological resources. “And this is only part of the proposed us measures, but even they make the budget socially oriented,” – says the Chairman of the state Duma.