Kadyrov met in Grozny with representatives of the “internal opposition” Syria

IVAN. November 15. In Syria is at peace, the people of this country must unite and fight back their enemies. It said at a meeting with representatives of the “internal Syrian opposition,” the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

It was attended by members of Parliament, political, religious and public figures, members of the Committee of national reconciliation in Syria.

“I recalled that in Chechnya against Russia fought terrorists from 51 countries. Russia did not help in this fight. In Syria is at peace, the people of this country must unite and fight back their enemies. A big mistake are the hopes for resolution of the conflict in the capitals of Western countries. America and Western Nations are doing everything so that the conflict took eternal nature,” – wrote Kadyrov on his page in the social network.

According to him, guests have been asked to convey to the Russian leadership and to all the people the words of gratitude for the support of Syria and solidarity with her. In addition, they noted with special interest came to Chechnya, “in order to see how they solved the problem of combating international terrorism and restoring the Republic.”

“They said Damascus has always been a strategic partner of Russia, therefore and today, the people of Syria looked forward in the direction of Moscow, well aware that the West did nothing for the real fight with those who kills thousands of women, elderly, children, ruined cities and villages,” – said Kadyrov.

During the meeting, the head of Chechnya stated that the final decision of the Syrian problem “depends on the people of this country.” He also stressed that young Chechens fighting in the ranks of the banned in Russia the terrorist group “Islamic state”, do not represent the Chechen people.

“They not only have nothing to do with the people, but are not Chechens”, – said the head of the Republic.