Doping scandal will be in the spotlight on the pravchasa with Mutko

Doping scandal will be in the spotlight on the pravchasa with Mutko

MOSCOW, 16 Nov. The state Duma at the government hour on Wednesday will ask the Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko about the doping scandal and the prospects of participation of Russian athletes at the upcoming Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, said on Monday speaker of the lower house Sergey Naryshkin.

“This week will be held a governmental hour with the participation of Minister of sport Mutko. Of course, have a serious conversation in all areas of the Ministry’s work-from sport of high achievements and tolerance of our athletes to participate in major competitions, including the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, to issues such as the development of sports infrastructure and implementation of the project TRP”, — Naryshkin said to journalists.

“Of course, the focus will be issues related to the so-called anti — doping scandal,” he added.

Member of the sports Committee of the state Duma and the President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) Vasily Shestakov also said that the doping scandal in athletics and the measures proposed by the Ministry for the elimination of its consequences, will be the center of attention at the government hour.

“Today, the government should do everything, including at the legislative level to continue was not the slightest reason to doubt the purity of our athletes. However, the decisions that will be taken now — personnel, administrative and other — wear, figuratively speaking, surgical in nature, while needs and system steps. So personally, I would be important to hear from the speech of the Minister when the Ministry will submit a concrete programme for support for children and youth coaches,” Shestakov told reporters.

According to him, the work in this direction is very weak, many people work actually on the enthusiasm, which is totally wrong. “In this connection it is appropriate to recall given at the beginning of October the President of Russia that the crisis should not be reduced support costs of the sport. It is necessary not only to monitor the effectiveness of the spending of every ruble from the considerable funds allocated at the Federal level, but also to work more with the regions — and that, in turn, to actively attract business to the development of sports infrastructure”, — said the Deputy.