Ministry of environment: “carbon price” can be introduced after 2018

MOSCOW, Nov 17. Fee for industrial emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the greenhouse gas, may be introduced in Russia after 2018, when will be the reporting system of enterprises, said Tuesday the head of Ministry of Russia Sergey Donskoy.

“Once the reporting system and verification of greenhouse gas emissions, so we are ready to discuss the introduction in Russia of the “price on carbon”. Obviously, such a decision would require a study of the question considering the investment potential of fuel and energy complex of the country”, — Donskoy said at the conference “Global climate challenge”.

According to him, six months ago, the government of the Russian Federation adopted the concept of forming the system of reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the document, until the end of 2016, the company’s volume of direct greenhouse gas emissions of more than 150 thousand tons of CO2-equivalent per year must provide annual information on emissions of greenhouse gases.

With the end of the year should be developed a draft Federal law providing for mandatory reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the inspection and registration of the submitted information.

At the second stage by the end of 2018 the responsibility for reporting on greenhouse gas emissions will apply to all companies with emissions more than 50 thousand tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year. As the Minister said, Russia’s bargaining position in the upcoming conference in Paris provide support for the introduction of a “price on carbon”.

“I should say that in the world actively apply similar economic mechanisms in the field of climate. According to the world Bank, the so-called “carbon price” has already been installed in 40% of countries. In recent years Mexico has in force a tax on CO2 emissions in Chile by 2017 will be a tax on the emissions of power plants in China earned 7 pilot projects of the system of trade in quotas on emissions in Switzerland, the trading scheme was obligatory,” said don.