The deputies of the French insist on strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation with Russia

The deputies of the French insist on strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation with Russia

MOSCOW, November 17. Deputies of the National Assembly of France insist on strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation with Russia. This was stated by the Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots, coordinator of the parliamentary group of Friendship with the French Parliament Leonid Slutsky, speaking at a meeting of the chamber.

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The terrorist attacks in France

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“We communicate every day with the deputies of the National Assembly of France, including those who have visited this summer in Crimea. Here these people yesterday at the extraordinary session of the National Assembly of France with the participation of the President of the French Republic spoke about the need to immediately strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation with Russia,” he said.

According to Slutsky, after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris it is necessary to create real, not declarative anti-terrorist coalition. “The last time there was a coalition of opposition in modern Europe, while it is necessary, and Russia has such experience,” said the MP, – That the hysteria that is blowing from Washington and came to Western Europe on a distorted assessment of the Russian situation, gave negative feedback, and to cooperate with us for combating terrorist threat”.

A series of terrorist attacks in France

A series of terrorist attacks occurred on the night of 14 November in Paris. In the concert hall Bataclan, the unknown took hostages. Attacks also were made on the Boulevard, Sharon, Boulevard Voltaire, on the Rue Fontaine-AU-ROI and on the street Alibert. In the capital’s suburb of Saint-Denis at the Stade de France, which hosted the football match between France and Germany, bombings.

Attacks made seven terrorists, six of whom blew himself up with belts of explosives. Another was killed by police.

According to the latest data, as a result of attacks of terrorists killed 129 people, and about 350 were injured.

In connection with the incident, President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and the introduction of intensified control of crossing the state borders. He later stated that the responsibility for the attack bears the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Hollande also called on the citizens to unite at this difficult time. “We must show solidarity and unity. France needs to be strong,” – said the head of state.