Sherpa of the Russian Federation in the G20: the meeting of Putin and Obama became a serious breakthrough in relations between the two countries

Sherpa of the Russian Federation in the G20: the meeting of Putin and Obama became a serious breakthrough in relations between the two countries

MOSCOW, November 18. The meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama “on the margins of twenty” became a serious breakthrough in relations between the two countries in the fight against terrorism. This was stated by Russian Sherpa in the “Group of twenty” Svetlana Lukash.

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Peskov: meeting between Putin and Obama were constructive

She noted that saw the first meeting between the two leaders on the sidelines of the summit. “My feeling is, it was a very constructive, serious conversation between two people, aimed at cooperation. Was active facial expressions – positive, active interaction, clearly sounded clarifying questions, answers, discussion. From my point of view, this was a real breakthrough in our relations, and we hope that the approaches of our countries to combat terrorism,” said Lukas.

As reported earlier, the Russian leader’s aide Yuri Ushakov, Putin and Obama during the meeting in Antalya discussed the situation in Syria and Ukraine. “Had the opportunity to speak quite extensively and the talk was on two topics – the first on Syria, then in Ukraine”, – said Ushakov. Answering the question about whether the leaders of Russia and the United States to narrow differences on Syria during talks on the sidelines of the summit, Ushakov pointed out that the strategic objectives in the fight against terrorism Russia and the U.S. are very close, but differences remain on tactics. According to him, Putin and Obama, including, exchanged views on “a rather critical situation” related to the terrorist attacks in Paris and other manifestations of terrorism. “That is, strategic goals relating to the fight against ISIS – they are, in principle, very close to each other, and tactics of the parties still differ,” – said Ushakov.

The press service of the White house, in turn, notes that the presidents of Russia and the USA during the meeting stated that in the consultations in Vienna, there have been positive results.

About the arrangements of the “twenty”

Understanding the “group of twenty” anti-terrorism measures include the termination of support of the oil trade to suppress private remittances “Islamic state” (is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group), said Russian Sherpa.

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The G20 leaders adopted a statement on combating terrorism

She also called important phrase from the statement on the need to strengthen cooperation in the field of aviation security. “We have in mind is the tragedy that happened to the Russian plane over the Sinai. Here in the UK we are grateful for the offer and joint work in this area, for introducing this subject in a statement on the fight against terrorism,” said Lukas. She recalled that the communiqué of the summit contains a paragraph containing the General approaches of the “twenty” to the solution of the refugee problem.

Svetlana Lukash hoped that the topic of terrorism will not be discussed at the next G20 summit in China, but to rule that out. “In General, Russia believes that the “Group of twenty” should remain a forum for cooperation in the sphere of Economics and finances,” she told reporters, commenting on the possibility of discussing again, as at the summit in Antalya, the fight against terrorism at the next meeting of the “twenty” in China in 2016.

“Of course, it will be the following presidents of the Group of twenty, and depending on the state of the world in connection with the terrorist threat may be made to these issues in the next year. I hope not, because it means that there will not be so acute situation as this year”, – said the representative of the Russian Federation in G20.

However, she once again noticed that “generally “twenty” will deal with the economy” and it is confirmed by the Chairman of next year in the work of the G20 China, “which will make a strong, very interesting economic agenda with some new aspects.”

On the restructuring of the Ukrainian debt

Proposals of the Russian Federation on restructuring of the Ukrainian debt will be considered by the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the United States, said Russian Sherpa in the “Group of twenty”. “They will be discussed, in particular, there is an agreement with the IMF and with the U.S. side, that our suggestions will be considered and we will try to find some common approach to solving this problem”, – said the representative of the Russian Federation in “group of twenty”.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit announced that Russia proposed to the over payment on the debt of Ukraine for the years 2016-2018 $1 billion a year. The head of state emphasized that Russia not only agreed to restructure the Ukrainian debt, and offered the best conditions, as requested by the IMF.

The Russian G20 Sherpa noted that the proposals of the Russian Federation on restructuring of the Ukrainian debt were enthusiastically received at the summit.

About the third energy package and the “Turkish stream”

The theme of the third energy package, as well as the construction of “Turkish stream” was not discussed during the summit, the issue of a new gas pipeline was raised at the bilateral meetings, said Russian Sherpa in the “Group of twenty”. She noted that the G20 does not discuss these specific issues, there are developed General approaches to solving global problems. “With regard to the third energy package in the context of the discussion of the “twenty” this issue was not raised,” said Lukas. However, she stressed that Russia generally supports discussed in the Group of twenty proposals to strengthen coordination on energy issues, “and, of course, this also applies to the third energy package”. “Naturally, Russia would be interested if it were developed in more transparent manner and we could somehow discuss with the partners its provisions. But certainly you can make work stronger and now, what it takes is the will of the leaders”, – noted the Russian Sherpa. As for the “Turkish stream”, and “of course, “twenty” were not discussed”. “But this issue was raised in bilateral meetings held by Vladimir Putin – in particular, with President Erdogan and Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi,” said Lukas.

The results of the G20 summit

The summit “group of twenty” in Antalya has been successful, in the framework of Russian President Vladimir Putin held a very effective meeting with the leaders of many countries, said the representative of Russia in the G20.

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Sherpa of the Russian Federation: at the G20 summit Putin became one of the most popular figures

“The overall impression that it was a very successful summit in terms of the agenda “group of twenty” and discuss common issues, and in terms of communication leaders. This view is from our side, from Vladimir Putin, and from other colleagues who participated in the summit,” the Russian Sherpa said. She recalled that on the sidelines of the forum took place the meeting of Russian President with the leaders of many countries, including recently took office. “Very effective first, but hopefully not last, meeting was held with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull,” said Lukas.

She also called it “very effective” interaction of Putin at the summit with U.S. President Barack Obama and other leaders.

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