Russia in September reduced investments in government bonds by $0.8 billion

Moscow. November 18. Russia in September 2015 reduced investments in US Treasury bonds (US Treasuries, UST) $800 million from $89,9 billion to $89.1 billion, according to the results of the U.S. Treasury and the Federal reserve system.

For the period from may to August, the Russian investments were increased by $23.4 billion

Among the largest creditors of the U.S. Russia took the 12th place among individual States at the end of September. In the General list with regard to groups such as “the Caribbean banking countries” and “Countries-exporters of oil”, Russia occupies the 14th place.

China in September remained the largest holder of UST ($1,258 trillion, the least since February), despite the reduction of investments in these securities immediately at $12.5 billion.

The amount of US Treasuries owned by the Japanese, fell last month by nearly $20 billion to $1,177,1 trillion, the lowest level since October 2013. Tokyo remains in second place among the major holders of US Treasuries.

In third position with a large margin to be the group “Caribbean banking countries” ($321,8 billion, reducing the investment to $7.2 billion), then there is a “Countries-oil exporters” ($291,3 billion, a decrease of $1.9 billion) and Brazil ($251,6 billion, a decline of $3.7 billion).

The top 10 holders of US Treasuries also includes Ireland, great Britain, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Total amount of investments of non-residents in US Treasuries increased in September by $3 billion to $6 trillion to $ 101.7 billion of this amount, $4 trillion 143,3 billion belong to the governments or Central banks of foreign States.

However, the United States in September recorded an inflow of portfolio investments in long-term financial assets in the amount of $33.6 bln in the dollar strengthening against $20.8 billion in August.

Net sales of US shares by non-residents amounted to $27.7 billion, net purchases of corporate bonds – $15.1 billion