The CEC received almost 1.6 thousand reports of electoral violations

The CEC received almost 1.6 thousand reports of electoral violations

MOSCOW, November 18. The CEC of the Russian Federation in the period of the election campaign and voting day on 13 September 1587 received reports of violations that were confirmed just over 10%. This was reported by CEC member Sergei Danilenko. “During the preparation and conduct of elections to the CEC received appeals 1587. Facts of violations were confirmed in 170 cases”, – he said at a press conference V.

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Danilenko recalled that during General elections 2014, the CEC received appeals 1895, confirmed the facts of violations in 297 complaints, i.e. in 15% of cases. “We’re talking about a qualitative growth,” said CEC member.

Danilenko noted that many complaints were received from parties (248) and candidates (510). Among these complaints the highest percentage proven. “From parties and candidates appeal became more qualitative, essential”, – said the CEC member.

According to Danilenko, the most active applicants from political parties were the representatives of the parliamentary parties – the CPRF, LDPR and “Fair Russia”. The leading complaints among non-parliamentary parties were “Apple” and “Will”.

Voters from the Central election Commission received 637 complaints from deputies of the state Duma and senators – 32. In total, signals about violations of the electoral legislation were received from 72 regions. The greatest number of complaints came from Tatarstan (250, facts of violations were confirmed in seven cases), the Nizhny Novgorod region (101, confirmed eight), Moscow region (82, confirmed six).

What did they complain about the candidates and the voters

Danilenko said that the greatest part of the applications concerned illegitimate, according to the applicants, the decisions, actions (inaction) of election commissions and their officials. a Total of 688 such requests, of which 66 were confirmed. Half of these complaints concerned the activities of territorial and constituency election commissions and election commissions of municipalities, said the CEC member. The number of appeals on the issues of nomination and registration of candidates and lists of candidates is almost unchanged compared with last year. This year such complaints were 282 last – 289.

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Thus to violations during the election campaign to complain less. “On the issues of violation of order of holding pre-election campaign has received 210 complaints in the year 2014 received 365 complaints on this subject,” – said Danilenko. He added that on the day of voting on 13 September, the CEC has received 129 applications containing information on violations of electoral legislation.

The CEC has satisfied every fifth complaint

Danilenko stressed that not every appeal submitted to the Central election Commission, demanded her intervention, and peer review. In most cases, the issue was resolved in due course. Only during the electoral campaign, the CEC members at the meeting reviewed 60 complaints.

“By results of consideration of complaints at the CEC meetings to the decisions of the election commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation was secured, including in part, 13 complaints not upheld – 47,” said Danilenko. In particular, the CEC upheld the complaint of the party RPR-Parnas, the list of candidates was restored at the election of the Kostroma oblast Duma, he recalled.

According to Danilenko, the large number of complaints related to denials of certification or registration of lists of candidates or individual candidates, due to the fact that political parties formed in 2012, “did not have sufficient experience of participation in election campaigns” in this connection allow violations of the electoral legislation.

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“Analysis of the practice of consideration of the questions connected with refusal in registration, showed that in most cases, candidates, representatives of political parties are having difficulty with registration and organization of submission to the election Commission a full package of documents for registration, including the required number of signatures of voters”, – said the CEC member.

The Central election Commission has summarized all data about the received appeals and the violations identified during the preparation and conduct of elections and reached the so-called green book. Such collections, the Commission prepares each year.

On the single voting day on September 13 elections of the highest officials in 21 States, the elections of legislative councils in 11 regions and elections of deputies of legislative bodies in 23 regional capitals.