The court refused to the inhabitant of Novosibirsk in collecting 614,3 trillion rubles “Rostelecom”

The court refused to the inhabitant of Novosibirsk in collecting 614,3 trillion rubles “Rostelecom”

NOVOSIBIRSK, November 18. Railway district court of Novosibirsk refused the lawyer Sergei Aksharova the claim to PJSC “Rostelecom” about compensation of moral harm in the amount of 614,3 trillion rubles and 300 rubles of legal expenses, reports Corr. from the court.

“The court determined that the claims Aksharova Sergey G. to refuse,” said judge Lena Kuzmenko.

The essence of the claim

Akserov explained in court that in this year he received two letters from the Novosibirsk branch of Rostelecom, in which the company is required to repay 614,3 ruble debt from his father – Gennady Aksharova, who died in 1989. After receiving the first letter, he came to a client’s office operator with a certificate of the death of his father. However, this information, according to the plaintiff, the company ignored.

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A resident of Novosibirsk has demanded from “Rostelecom” to compensate 614 trillion roubles of moral harm

“After that I sent a claim with a request to investigate. It turned out that 614,31 of the ruble – is not the amount that is the amount of debt, and it is 273,53 of the ruble in half. This amount, from the annoying attention of “Rostelecom” to get rid of, I had to pay,” said Akserov.

The contract for the provision of telecommunications services was terminated, but the plaintiff decided to go to court, because the requirement to pay the debt caused him moral damage. To a question, he said, Aksirov replied that “insomnia and twitching eye”.

“We believe that designated amount (of the claim) is reasonable and feasible for Rostelecom, but essential and significant for his further activities”, – said the plaintiff, noting that the company, in accordance with the legislation, you should update your database of subscribers, and she ought to know that his father died over 25 years ago.

The position of the Respondent

In turn, the representative of the Respondent in the court explained that the update of the database on its own initiative, the operator does not allow the law “On personal data”, and the contract with the deceased Gennady Aksenovym acted all this time, because communication services were paid regularly. As it turned out, the separate accounts from “Rostelecom” the plaintiff had not occurred, and communication services, likely paid for along with other utilities.

With regard to the reduction of the amount of debt twice in the course of proceedings, the representative of the Respondent explained that the operator parts telephone services for local, long distance, etc. For one of these positions on account Aksharova was the overpayment and, therefore, when he decided to “get rid of the annoying attention of “Rostelecom” and close the account, he offered to set off an overpayment debt, which as a result decreased.

Himself Akserov up process no comment to journalists to give did not become. The head of Department of legal support of the Novosibirsk branch of Rostelecom Oksana Neudachina noted that the decision of the court, the company satisfied in full. According to her, earlier in the practice of the branch of legal disputes about the debts of deceased subscribers were not.